Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Jeff and I went to play volleyball last night because a coworker of mine needed some extra players. Unfortunately our idea was to switch off while the other one watched Micah but they said for some reason we couldn't switch because a guy couldn't go in for a girl even though we already had 3 other girls on the team. Annoying. I felt stupid playing instead of Jeff because he is so much better than me so I just watched them play while I watched Micah. It was OK but felt kind of long when I wasn't playing. The upside is that Micah was in a great mood and was so much fun to watch as he looked at the lights in the gym.

A Visit from Aunt Pam

It was fun having Pam visit. It reminded me of how much Micah has grown when Pam kept saying how big he was. Pam bought Micah the mobile (from the last post) so we made sure he said thankyou. : )

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Love of Micah's Life

Micah is in love. Now you might think that the love of Micah's life is his mom or dad, the people who love him like crazy. The ones that hold him, rock him, feed him, change his poopy diaper. The ones that would do almost anything for him.... NO. What got the first smile? What got the first coo? What will brighten Micah's disposition in almost any situation?.... His mobile! Jeff and I have started joking that his first word will not be "mama" or "dada".... it will be "moba".

No Milk for Micah?

Micah has been very fussy the past couple of weeks. Not a very happy baby at all. Jeff and I could tell that he was having stomach issues and he would cry a lot. I looked at the fussy foods list I got from my doctor of things I could eat that would contribute to Micah's gastrointestinal problems and the only one I could see that I eat on a regular basis was milk products. I LOVE milk products. Especially cereal I have every morning or the day just doesn't seem the same.

I decided to do an experiment to see if cutting out milk products would help Micah's stomach. Fortunately, Micah seems to be doing a lot better in just the three days since I cut out the milk. He seems much happier and smiles more. I will continue with no milk products for the rest of the week and if he is still feeling better they may be cut out permanently for the next few months.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A trip to the park

Yesterday my friend Michelle invited me to go to the park with her and some of her friends. There were five moms all together counting myself. One of them had a little girl that was only a week older than Micah. She was so cute with the biggest smiles ever. I brought my camera but unfortunately it was out of batteries again. I should just start changing the batteries before I go places since they are rechargable. It was a fun trip and nice to ask questions of the other moms because they all had older kids. I was the only first time mom. I hope we do it again soon.

Smart or just plain lazy?

At night before bed I like to read for about 10-15 minutes while I fall asleep. The problem with this is that my light is not next to my bed so I have to get up to turn it off. When I get up I wake up all over again. While I was at the mall yesterday I noticed a store that said it was all about weird things you don't usually see in regular stores that they sell on TV often times. I thought about the commercials on TV I used to see about a product called "The Clapper". I remember seeing all of the old people in it who were too sick to get out of bed so it was great for them. I asked if they sold "The Clapper" and I was in luck. I bought it to see if it worked for me. I feel like I am just being lazy but it was really nice to use it last night so I might be OK with being lazy. : )

Monday, September 18, 2006

A visit from Uncle David

It was fun to see David. I just realized that Micah has two Uncle Davids. One from Oregon and one from Southern California. This is the Oregon Uncle David.

We again had to play some poker. It seems like it is becoming a Budd passtime. I think it is a lot of fun. (When I am winning of course)

Can you find Micah in the above picture? Melissa recommended I start a "Where's Micah" series of posts dressed in the Waldo striped shirt, hat and blue pants. Here Micah is in stripes, just not the right color : )

It was a little sunny so I had to break out his cute sun hat and sunglasses. Summer is just about over so I may not have many more chances to use these for a while.

We visited Ashley in her dorm room and met some of her dorm mates. They were all very nice.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jogger stroller

I am excited about my new jogger stroller. I like my regular stroller better but when I went for a walk with my regular stroller last week I realized my neighborhood has terrible sidewalks with cracks and lots of uneven places. I decided to look on Craig's List for a used jogger stroller for three main reasons.

#1-The jogger stroller has bigger wheels so it doesn't get caught in the cracks as easily.
#2-The jogger stroller has only one wheel so it is not as likely to get caught in the cracks.
#3-The jogger stroller is balanced to go up and down sidewalks that don't slope downward. My neighborhood's sidewalk corners are not made for wheel access so you have to jump the curb at each corner or go down the last driveway near the corner. Bummer.

The only thing I was worried about is that people have told me the joggers are a pain because the front wheel doesn't swivel so going straight is great but turns are a pain. I was excited to find a jogger stroller on line that had a swivel front wheel that can also lock in place. It was less than half the price of a new jogger stroller and is in great shape. I just had to clean it up a bit. Also, I haven't tried it yet but it has little speakers where you can plug something in and you and your child can listen to music. Jeff, Micah and I took the jogger last night for a walk and it did great. Yeah!

I would rather get drilled on at the dentist

A few days ago I went to the dentist to get a cleaning. I had it all planned because I had Micah and the secretary there (very nice lady) told me to bring him and she would watch him while I had my appointment. I planned for Micah not to be hungry until about half and hour after the visit so I could get home to feed him. Of course he is hitting a growth spurt this week and about 5-10 minutes before I am done he wakes up hungry and is screaming his little heart out. I couldn't take it. I asked the lady cleaning my teeth what the polish is for that they use at the end. She said, "nothing really". I asked if I could skip it and she said "no, it will only take a few minutes". A few minutes listening to Micah scream was horrible enough without thinking about everyone there who had to hear it. I would rather have had my teeth drilled. Finally I got up and the secretary told me that they had a room not being used so I could feed him there which was nice. Anyone else ever nursed in a dentist chair?

Morning play time with Micah

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The question you don't want to ask unless you are sure

Yesterday I went to the mall to return something and while I was there decided to buy another nursing bra at the store Motherhood. A nice girl helped me to find my size and then brought me to the register to ring me up. While finishing the transaction I heard her ask me, "So are you due in a few weeks?" Thinking I must have heard her wrong and also giving her a chance to escape the question if I heard her right I asked her to repeat what she had asked. She boldly asked again, ""So are you due in a few weeks?" I replied that I had already had my baby and I laughingly said, "I hope I don't still look pregnant". No response came from her so I am left to wonder if she was just embarrased or didn't want to admit that I still looked over eight months pregnant. Hmmm...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day

We enjoyed visiting with family on Labor Day.
Micah had fun also. First he played pocker with us.
He got lucky in this picture with pocket aces.

After that Micah helped Ashley finish her college math homework. He is very advanced. : )

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday's best

Here we are after church on Sunday. I thought Micah looked very cute in his Sunday outfit.