Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Update on Al and other stuff

Where shall I begin? Al, our poor little kitty, is still having a rough time. His sutures are coming out of his bum and I don't know if he is better. He keeps trying to lick his hinny, but he is so fat he can't reach so he has licked a hole in his tail. The veterinarian said he should be headed for a diet. Well... after the operation he got really bad diarrhea. Now I don't want to gross you all out so I won't include pictures, but lets just say that Jeff and I finally noticed when Al crawled into bed with us and left leaky poop smears across our sheets. Upon further inspection there were poop stains where Al had sat on our futon, carpet (in many placed) and our comforter for the bed. But my favorite was walking down the hall and stepping into something cold, brown and squishy right between my toes. Needless to say for the last week Al has been living in the extra bathroom and has just recently earned the right to come out for a few hours at a time. When we went to the Vet for Al's checkup she said he is not cleaning himself well enough and his owners were given the job of doing it for him. I guess God thought I needed practice wiping up rear ends before parenthood.

Also I helped my 8th graders build a float for spirit week. The floats are built on shopping carts that we borrow from the supermarket. I am so bummed that we did not get a picture of the float. The person in charge of taking pictures got a full card before our float came out. It looked really good. Our theme was Treasure Island so we made a pirate ship. It was cool and yes the 8th graders got 1st place.

Also I am starting to help out with our girls and boys volleyball teams at school. Tonight we had our first night of actual tryouts. It looks like we will have an OK team. We don't have many returning players so we will see.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Al Update

Al it seems will live to see another year. The veterinarian found that there was no mass blockage in Al's bottom and so she just had to make a few sutures in the bum to take care of the hemhorroids. All blood work was A-OK. Yeah.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Poor Al

Our cat Al is sick. The veterinarian told us today that Al has some sort of mass near his anus and has hemorrhoids because of it. They will need to operate to remove the mass so we will need to bring in Al tomorrow. They also are doing some blood work to find out how everything else is going. This is when you start weighing the cost of surgery in one hand and your cat's dead euthanized body in the other.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

9th Anniversary

Well it's been 9 years since we tied the knot. Jeff surprised Wendy with flowers and balloons at Campus Life at lunch, and we enjoyed a dinner out. We'd post some pics, but they're not appropriate for public viewing. j/k :)

Baby Budd's First Pictures

Here's Baby Budd's First Pictures. How cool is this?! Things are starting to feel more real now. We were actually able to see the heart beating.

The first picture is the "The Baby's First Picture", but the second is actually the "official" picture chosen by the Doctor. The two white x's mark the "head" and the "tail" of the fetus, in case you were wondering where you were supposed to look. If you look long enough, you can see a space ship coming out of the image in 3D. Anyway...enough with the picture description!

The doctor told us that after looking at the size of the baby we may actually only be about 9 1/2 weeks along rather than the 11 weeks we had been thinking. If this is the case, then the due date would be moved from early August to mid-August. Things will be more conclusive following the next "real" ultra-sound at the end of February.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Frisbee Golf

Our trip to LA wouldn't have been complete without playing a round of frisbee golf.

The competition was stiff, but we took them on.

Jeff intimidated the other players with his intense concentration and dedication to the game.


If was fun to share Mom and Jim's first Christmas together as a married couple.
Pam and Jake, always loving toward each other.
We had fun at Dad's house visiting with everyone. Susan and Dad always make us feel at home. And don't worry, Steven didn't really poke Mathew's eye out. He was just thinking about it. ; )
We were able to see Grandma for one night to exchange gifts. It was also nice to see my Uncle Steve again.

Christmas Stuff

Santa's Lap was pretty full the night we went to Knott's Berry Farm so we decided to take our own picture in front of the Christmas tree.

Jeff and I got some cute baby clothes for Christmas. Jeff was very excited.

David is multitalented. While we were in LA David was making time out chairs, one of which I have reserved as my own Christmas present for the following year. You can't start discipline too young. ; ) He also made us all these cute scarves.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Knott's Berry Farm

Melissa and I decided to have funnel cake without the guys. We thought maybe they wouldn't find out and then we could get two funnel cakes. Unfortunately when the guys met up with us and said it was time for funnel cake we had guilt all over our faces (along with some powdered sugar :) The guys retailiated by giving us none of their funnel cake. Caiden got seconds, it just wasn't fair. : )

David took Caiden on ride that was a little scary.

We had fun visiting Knott's Berry Farm with David, Melissa and Caiden.