Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Too long

It has been too long. I have pictures to post from camping but those will come later. A quick update first.

School has started. I went back almost 2 weeks ago. My students showed up last Monday. I think I have a really good group of kids this year so I am excited. I also love it that I am down to 3 periods this year. I feel like I barely start my day and it is over and I get to go home. I love that.

Kaia is getting so big. She had been grabbing and holding stuff for a while. This week she learned how to sit up really well on her own. Only once in a while does she topple over. Micah and Kaia are best buds. Kaia loves Micah and he loves her. It is so cute to watch her whole face light up when she sees him. I think Micah thinks she is his own personal living toy. He has never been really jealous that I can see. You should see some of their screaming matches. They scream back and forth at each other and love it. He always wants her to lay on him and he is so good with her. We will see how things go when she starts taking his toys. : )

Jeff is still looking for work. We will see where God takes us. Jeff has a couple of possibilities. We are even looking outside of San Jose. I told him only warm places. I don't do cold. And since I am 51% of God's will for our lives, I get warmth. : )

Oh, I bought a bunch of AIO (all in one) with pockets, one size fits all Coolababy diapers off of ebay. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They are so easy to use and clean. You can get all you need for about $200 and then all you are paying for is detergent and water. I just run them through a whole cycle (with soak) two times and they are so clean. I even let the poop stay on them and crustify. Am I getting too graphic? I love them! And not one more diaper into the trash. Yeah! Anyway, if anyone else has a baby you will probably get one from me to try it. I don't know if I would have tried it except that my friend got me a diaper service and I wanted to wash them on my own so I looking into something easier.

So life is good. Prayer for a job for Jeff. It has been several months now of looking and we are getting antsy.

Now I just need to post those camping pics....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My cute kids

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Micah's 3 year check up and pics

We went to see the doctor today for Micah. Everything looked great except that Micah was a little on the hefty side. The doctor said that we really need to make sure that Micah is eating healthy and not so many empty calories. I think he was like 80% height and 98% weight. We don't let Micah eat terrible but we are not as strict as we could be. I think that some of it is just that Micah likes to eat. We will have to see where we are at in 6 months.

As I believe Sarah started, I will include some pictures from the past with a couple recent to see Micah growing up.





Goodness I love this kid.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Portland/Seattle Vacation

Here are some pictures of our vacation to Portland and Seattle. There are a ton and they are all mixed up so I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves. We had a great time visiting first with the Portland Budds and then more of Jeff's family in Seattle.

Let's go to the beach

Our first but hopefully not last visit to the beach this summer.

Love the colors of the buildings.

Picking a good spot.



Sand digging.

It was a pretty fun and exciting day.

Goodbye beach, we hope we see you again soon.